There's never been a perfect time to play the Legacy format of Magic: the Gathering. In today's wide-ranging meta a player might ignore it and instead pull their favorite cards from and jam them into a deck with Veteran Explorers and Cabal Therapies and call it good. Nic fit is the deck with 50 flex slots after all.

Ignoring a meta can be quite taxing. What if I told you there were an easier way? Just let Nic Fit Brew, the Legacy Nic Fit Deck Generator make your deck for you. The output may be a bit random (literally), and rather janky (also literally), but the plan isn't. Once you've sacrificed a Veteran Explorer, you're half way to victory.

I, Patrick Daly (Fringeworthy on YouTube, @SpiffyNeoStar on Twitter) wish you the best of luck in your Nic Fit Brew endeavors. Feel free to email me with feedback,your successes, or any other deck generators you create.

Much thanks to Joey Frantz (maker of BlueStew.Net), Isvan (and others) from the Nic Fit Discord, and David Fischer of for their help, feedback, and card lists in the design process. Also a hearty thanks to my good friend Talia who got me into Nic Fit in the first place!

Also Joey, I accept your challenge of one of my Nic Fit Brews vs one of your Blue Stews! Our battle will be legendary!

Also check out the (semi-new) Death and Taxes Generator Created by Elaine Cao

These brews made by V1.1


Q: Is this real or a meme?
A: Its a real meme, all right.

Q: Are these decks even playable?
A: I think so, but the bar is really low for me.

Q: What do I blind name with Cabal Therapy?
A: That's a really high level question you're asking there, but usually Brainstorm, Force of Will, or Fugitive Wizard.

Q: Do you ever plan to update this site?
A: I mean maybe at some point. I'd love to make this into a discord bot some day too.

Q: This looks an awful lot like BlueStew.Net
A: Firstly, that's not a question, and secondly yes. Much of the website code was shamelessly stolen from with love (and permission).

Q: How does it work? Is it on github?
A: How it works is I generate the deck, then I show you the deck. If you really hate yourself that much, and want to hate me as well, you can see the github repo here: GitHub Repo

Q: When was this last updated?
A: This site was last updated on 08/06/2021.

Q: Is that date format American, or the rest of the world?
A: I have strongly held opinions about this. Day/Month/Year is the best date format.

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